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The Writer’s Road to Success Weekend

Mapping Practical Steps to Reach Your Writing and Publishing Destination

Today’s publishing world is full of exciting opportunities for writers – and a lot of decisions. If you’ve ever questioned your next steps to finishing that manuscript, getting published, finding your audience, or finding a team to help you, you’re not alone. Stop now, and make a decision to attend this hands-on workshop from two veterans of the writing and publishing world that will give you your personal roadmap to success.

Saturday, November 19, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Sunday, November 20, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The Screening Room,
210 1/2 Windward Way, Oceanside, CA 92054
A block from the beach in beautiful Oceanside, between the Pier and the Harbor

Your Guides: Author/Writing Coach Bridget Boland & Publisher/Publicist Leann Garms

Join two veterans of writing and publishing for an in-depth, hands-on weekend in a intimate seaside setting that will put you on the right road to success for your book.

Publishing and publicity expert Leann Garms and published author, editor and writing coach Bridget Boland will guide you along your journey from concept to published manuscript. With over 25 years’ experience each in writing, publishing and marketing, Leann and Bridget will assist you in creating the roadmap to get your manuscript completed, your book published, and in the hands of the readers waiting for your inspirational stories.

This unique, 1 or 2-day workshop is open to writers of all skill levels – beginner to advanced – and all genres – fiction, memoir, non-fiction. Whether you have an idea or a completed manuscript, you’ll want to take this step to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

Cost:  $157/day.  Discount for attending the full weekend only $279! before November 8.

Box lunch/salad available each day for $7/day.

Sign up now to create your own map for writing and publishing success.  Join us in our intimate seaside setting for one or two days and finally move forward on your journey to success.  Space is limited!

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Writer’s Road to Success Weekend


Special Offer: Manuscript Review!  Receive a discount when you sign up for a manuscript review prior to the workshops.  Includes Review of MS (up to 70K words) and a 1 – 2 page editorial and marketing evaluation letter suggesting next steps.  Fee:  $1,500.  A saving of over $800 dollars!

For those who are geographically challenged for our workshop, but are interested in attending a virtual workshop with all the benefits, including the special manuscript offer, please click here to add your contact information for further details. 

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leann-garmsAs a 25-year veteran of public relations, trained in Journalism, Leann Garms loves a great story. Whether it’s a book, a nonprofit cause or a new business venture, she uncovers the unique story that motivates the media and the market to pay attention. An expert in positioning and strategy, Leann helps raise the profile and profits for her clients. A serial entrepreneur, Leann has owned her own public relations firm, a nonprofit consulting firm, and formed the Book PR and Marketing firm, Build.Buzz.Launch. Media to help authors publish and market their work. After seeing a need to help authors navigate the paths to publishing, BBL Publishing was launched in July of 2014. This hybrid publishing imprint of BBL Media publishes and markets a select handful of titles in the Health, Wellness and Spirituality genres. Now, Leann gets to read great stories every day and help tell the world about them.  She’s a frequent national speaker on publishing and publicity including the 805 Writers Conference in Ventura, CA, and a trainer for The Next Bestseller Workshop ™ in New York.

IMG_0253Bridget Boland’s work has appeared in Conde Nast Women’s Sports and Fitness, The New Guard, YogaChicago, and The Essential Chicago. Her debut novel, The Doula, was published by Simon and Schuster September, 2012. Excerpts from her work have won the Writers League of Texas Memoir Prize, and the Surrey Writers Conference Nonfiction Award. Bridget holds an MFA in creative writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a JD from Loyola University of Chicago, and is the recipient of seven residencies at The Ragdale Foundation for Writers and Artists, and recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Professional Development Grant. Bridget is a certified shaman and energetic healer and uses tools from these traditions to assist writers in writing “illuminated manuscripts” – stories that inspire and encourage conscious evolution in readers.

If you haven’t read my debut novel, The Doula, here is a recent testimonial (May 2015).

“Thank you so much for your wonderful novel.  I grabbed it Saturday morning and never put it down for the entire Memorial Day weekend.  Just me on the front porch in my favorite rocker and the Doula.  What a recipe for a perfect holiday treat.  But nothing compares with your ability to take us into the psyche, heart and soul of Caro from her pre-teens to her young adulthood. Her silky blankie beneath her pillow – WOW. At one point my sisters told me that I absolutely had to put down the Doula and come to dinner. “Oh not now, I cried. I can’t leave Caro in her current perilous predicament!” Congratulations, Bridget…that is the ultimate compliment for a storyteller to achieve in my world … I would rather stay with the story than eat – now that’s a fine tale.”

 – Mary Duggan

Don’t miss Bridget Boland’s debut novel The Doula, published by Simon & Schuster September, 2012. Get your copy now on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Click here for The Doula website.

from The Dallas Morning News:  Bridget Boland’s debut novel, ‘The Doula,’ is compelling, ambitious By KATHRYN LANG Special Contributor Published: 07 September 2012   DALLAS MORNING NEWS Bridget Boland’s compelling debut novel is an ambitious work, brimful of the tumult and uncertainty of human life, from its messy beginnings at birth to its inevitable ending in death. Boland, a former lawyer, is a yoga teacher and “energetic healer.” She’s also a practicing doula, one who witnesses and helps at births, providing emotional and physical support to laboring women and their families. Boland’s specialized legal knowledge, her shamanic wisdom and her sense of the awe and beauty of birth, all lend authenticity to the novel. Told from the point of view of Caro Connors, the narrative begins the summer she’s 12, when her mother miscarries and her brother drowns in Lake Michigan. In her early 30s, she moves from her parents’ home in Chicago to Milwaukee, hoping for a fresh start after she quits nursing school. She becomes a doula, has relationships with two very different men and is caught up in the tragedy surrounding the birth of her best friend’s daughter. Caro’s life pivots on the mirror images of birth and death — her father is an undertaker; she ushers new life into the world. Her tangled relationship with her mother, a leitmotif throughout the novel, has caused much of the dissonance in her life. She’s the “Big Girl” her mother summons while she’s miscarrying, and she becomes her siblings’ caretaker when her mother abdicates her responsibilities. But Caro is stalled in a protracted adolescence, unable to grow up. She seeks out strong women who remind her of her free-spirited great aunt, Ruby, and her best friend’s mother, Marilyn, who had counseled her to follow her convictions. In Milwaukee she finds mentors: Pixie, the hippie midwife commune leader, who exonerates her from feelings of guilt; Deidre, the midwife-owner of a family birthing center; and Annabelle, the malpractice lawyer whose strength and commitment allow Caro to reveal her painful secrets. Boland’s novel teems with issues — family dynamics and dysfunction, low self-esteem, mother-daughter conflict and autonomy, the premature loss of innocence, the corrosive power of keeping secrets, medical establishment procedures vs. natural childbirth, loyalty and infidelity, the liberating power of telling the truth. It’s a testament to her authorial skills that she brings all these into a coherent and satisfying whole. This novel isn’t for the squeamish: amniotic fluid and blood gush forth; babies have umbilical cords in the wrong place; laboring women gasp and grunt. It’s full of birth-related lore — like the fact that squatting allows pressure from the baby’s head to dilate the cervix more quickly. Sometimes Boland is didactic, pushing a little too hard her view that hospitals are for sick people and birth should be a celebration rather than a medical event. Finding fulfillment in helping women through the “fiercest rite of passage,” Caro (like Boland) wants to empower women, giving them choices about where and how to bring their children into the world. Readers who savored the psychological acuity and courtroom drama in Chris Bohjalian’s Midwives, a 1997 New York Times best-seller and Oprah pick, will appreciate the similarities Boland’s novel delivers (pun intended). I confess to some frustration at the book’s end: Several loose ends are left untied. I’m hoping for a sequel.

Kathryn Lang, a former senior editor at SMU Press, is a freelance book reviewer and editor.