Shamanic Energy Medicine

Energetic Medicine Sessions with Shaman Bridget Boland

All of us possess an inner knowing, an “intuitive compass” meant to guide us through our lives. This tool is made up of our intellectual/logical brain, our heart, the feeling/emotional center, and our gut, which processes and “digests” information we receive from the world around us. When all of these areas are open and receptive –and we pay attention to what they are telling us!—we make empowered, dynamic choices in our relationships, careers and other areas of our lives. Energetic medicine techniques can help clear blocks that “clog” our intuitive centers. They can also help us identify our deepest longings and desires and empower us to manifest them in our daily lives now!

Bridget Boland is a shamanic energy healer certified by The Four Winds, an award-winning writer, Forrest Yoga teacher, birth and death coach, and former attorney. Bridget strives to provide a sanctuary for students to explore their emotional, energetic and physical landscapes through breath, movement and energetic processes including soul retrieval and destiny retrieval.

Introductory Session: Sixty minute “illumination” to clear stagnant energy from your body and heighten vitality. Fee: $350.

“Essential You”: Three session package addresses underlying patterns in your personal life, career, finances, etc. Includes a variety of energetic processes such as illumination/ energy field clearing, soul retrieval, extraction, destiny retrieval. Fee: $1,000

STEP Coaching and Energetic Healing Program for Self=Empowerment: Six session package including illumination, soul retrieval, identifying life mission and purpose, destiny retrieval, and how to align with and work with your ideal energy. Fee: $3,600.

From Lineage to Legacy: Clearing Your Family Lines for All Your Relations: Seven session package including identifying life mission and purpose, acknowledging the family of origin you were born into, exploring beliefs, habits, behaviors and patterns inherited from both maternal and paternal lineage lines, healing and releasing old wounds in the family system, and installing new energy to aid you in the path to your highest destiny. Fee: $4,250.    

Sessions occur in person or long-distance via phone or Skype, followed up with talk/process time and homework. This powerful work facilitates profound physical, emotional and energetic transformation.

In addition to private sessions, Bridget offers house clearings and blessings, fire ceremonies, group instruction, corporate classes, pre/postnatal yoga and yoga/creative writing/energetics workshops.

To register for a session or for more information contact Bridget at or 214-682-1207.



My waking life is now better than my dreams. My sessions with Bridget are like road maps leading me towards my grandest life. On paper I had the perfect life. I have a handsome, successful husband. I am highly educated and was looking forward to a lucrative career. The problem was I was overcome with anxiety and when I put my head on the pillow at night my soul wasn’t at peace. My work with Bridget has allowed me to honor my true story and find my life’s calling. I wake every morning like a girl inspired and on fire.


Bridget is compassionate, direct, and able to adapt to a wide variety of clients.  As a “private” person, it is especially notable that I feel comfortable speaking with Bridget about ANY topic.  Her presence makes me feel both at ease and optimistic.  She also communicates information in a concise and direct way that is exactly relevant to her client’s needs.  For example, when I have many thoughts and feelings actively moving throughout me, she expertly synthesizes the information that goes straight to the heart of the matter.  This insight she provides leads to powerful shifts in her clients’ awareness and next action steps.

E. Gregory