MODERN MUSE SERVICES                                   


Modern Muse provides a wide range of innovative and effective services for writers of all skill levels from novice to highly experienced.


For manuscripts already in process, Modern Muse offers editing services including the following:

  • Developmental Edit: Read manuscript and provide a detailed letter on storytelling elements including themes, plot, narrative development, characterization, setting, tone, voice and writing style, and ways to improve along with guidance or a “roadmap” for revising. Conduct one 30 minute meeting by Skype or phone to review afterward. Developmental edits range from $5,300. Estimate will be determined by work sample provided.
  • Line-By-Line Edit: Provide in-depth line edits and comments throughout entirety of manuscript. Conduct one 30 minute meeting by Skype or phone to review afterward. Line-by-line edits start from $5,100.00. Estimate determined based on work sample provided.
  • Developmental and Line-by-Line Edit Package: Both of the above at a special discounted package rate.
  • Copy Edit: Clean up syntax, grammar, spelling, etc


Modern Muse provides ghostwriting for creative nonfiction and fiction projects. Contact us for rates and more details.


Please see our Coaching Packages Flyer for more information.


Energy work empowers you to write more quickly and powerfully, to get to the heart of your unique message for the world and to experience a profound process of transformation while putting words on the page.

  • Clearing the Path: Energetic Processes for Writers’ Block

Using energetic practices and tools, we identify conscious and unconscious blocks” to writing – resistance to keeping a regular writing schedule, doubt about the power of your voice or message, old belief patterns about making a living as a writer, fears, doubts and other worries that can hamper the creative process. Through energy clearings, and identifying and releasing habitual fear-based beliefs, we pave the way for you to quickly and effectively write compelling material in all your work. Clearings usually run about 1½ hours in length.  Fee: $850.00

  • Visioning a Book into Being

In this unique session, we “vision quest” to determine the full scope of the project, exploring the original seed of the idea, the genre that best supports it, and the most effective structure for the manuscript so that you write the best possible version of your book. Then we craft a “roadmap” for writing — including creating a writing schedule, exploring coaching support options, and setting goals for completion. Visioning sessions run 2-3 hours. Fee: $1,700.00

  • Vision Questing and Clearing Package

Both of the services above for $2150.00


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Modern Muse Intensive Coaching

Coaching provides the support and accountability to help you reach your writing dream of completing and publishing your manuscript.

Modern Muse’s Coaching Package includes:                                        

  • Vision Quest to help you:
    • Clearly discern the genre, subject matter, themes and material/content for your book
    • Craft a working outline and structure for your book
    • Identify and connect with your “ideal readers”
    • Gain clarity and wisdom about how writing your book and your career as an author/speaker/teacher fit into your life’s mission and purpose
    • Create a timeline/schedule, complete with deadlines for writing, editing, marketing and publication
  • Fear/Limiting Beliefs Clearing and Energetic Alignment
    • Energetic processes to identify and remove from your energy field all limiting beliefs about yourself as an author, your ability to craft and deliver a message in manuscript form, being successful as a writer, and more. Realignment of your energy field with your unique talents and gifts to support the writing process.
  • Nine months of Unlimited Coaching
    • Accountability for meeting your identified deadlines and writing your book
    • Close review and feedback of material, including brainstorming sessions and editing of each chapter as you draft it
    • Tutorials on the craft of writing. Topics include:
      • Themes
      • Structure
      • Plot/Narrative Arc
      • Characterization
      • Setting
      • Tone, Mood & Style
    • Developmental global edit of full-length drafts
    • Line-by-line edit of completed draft
  • Beta reader Management
    • Select beta readers
    • Craft beta reader questionnaire
  • Collect beta reader feedback
    • Manage edits based on beta reader feedback
  • Support with resources for publication, production, author platform, marketing and promotions.

Total Fees: $36,000.


Half-day rate: $2,500           Full day rate: $5,000             Weekend Retreat: $12,000












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Semifinalist, The New Guard Machigonne Fiction Contest, September 2015 (The World at Large)

Winner, IAS Professional Development grant awarded by Illinois Arts Council Agency, March 2015

Semifinalist, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, 2009 (Big Girl)

Semifinalist, So to Speak Fiction Contest, 2009 (Bloodletting)

Winner, Surrey International Writers Conference Nonfiction Contest. September, 2007 (Bloodletting)

Winner, Writers League of Texas Mozelle Memoir Contest, June, 2007 (Plunge)

The Ragdale Foundation Writer’s Residencies. 2000-2007


“The job of finding the right coach for your book project can be daunting.  There are plenty of people out there who can write but in my case, personal chemistry and work ethic was paramount.  Bridget Boland excels in both.  She became my chief coach and at times, a much needed spiritual leader.  I never could have written Texas Patriarch without her.”

-Douglas D. Box


“When I first considered working with a writing coach/editor, I was skeptical. Bridget was recommended to me by the editor of CARVE magazine, and it is absolutely the best decision I have made for my writing career. I had decided that I wasn’t cut out to be a novelist and would write nonfiction (I LOVE reading creative nonfiction, but writing fiction has always been my dream). Bridget literally pulled that writer deep inside me to the surface. She artfully and expertly guided me as I wrote my first novel. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to produce a manuscript remotely worthy enough to enter a writing contest. I finally know I’m on my way to achieving my lifelong dream.”

– Jody Hadlock

Semi-Finalist: 2016 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition


“Bridget’s rare ability to take the words of someone who is not a writer and sculpt them into the best possible and most beautifully written expression of my ideas continues to astonish.  Her seemingly full access to both sides of her brain is a rarity in my experience, and she brings the full impact of that amazing brain to her work.  I found working with her to be gratifying on a personal level, as she instills a sense of support and caring.  She is able to offer her suggestions in an extremely positive manner, never once pointing out flaws, just looking for opportunities for improvement, and she is the consummate professional, as well.  As a psychotherapist, I recognize she possesses a unique set of skills.  The results have been beyond anything I could ever have expected to achieve without her.  Although my “voice” is in my book, Bridget’s work has elevated the quality of the writing to something far beyond what I am capable of creating.  My appreciation and gratitude to her are beyond measure.”

– Barbara Gold, LCSW, LMFT


“Thank you so much for your wonderful novel.  I grabbed it Saturday morning and never put it down for the entire Memorial Day weekend.  Just me on the front porch in my favorite rocker and the Doula.  What a recipe for a perfect holiday treat.  But nothing compares with your ability to take us into the psyche, heart and soul of Caro from her pre-teens to her young adulthood. Her silky blankie beneath her pillow – WOW. At one point my sisters told me that I absolutely had to put down the Doula and come to dinner. “Oh not now, I cried. I can’t leave Caro in her current perilous predicament!” Congratulations, Bridget…that is the ultimate compliment for a storyteller to achieve in my world … I would rather stay with the story than eat – now that’s a fine tale.”

 – Mary Duggan


“To say Bridget helped me grow as a writer is an understatement.  She helped me deal with the big things in my life, gave me courage to go to the scary places and find meaning.  I was stuck and she helped me move forward.  I go back to my notes from class and I use her wise teachings all the time.  I seek wisdom in new places thanks to Bridget.”

– Risa Brown


“I met Bridget at the Writer’s Garrett in Dallas and continued to work with her one on one and with a small writer’s group. Without her I would never have finished my novel, nor would it be of the quality I feel it is. She taught me to write with a critical eye and honed my craft.  I looked forward to her criticism and suggestions as my story developed. With her help, I transitioned quickly from a green beginner to a skilled writer. My manuscript, which she reviewed in its entirety, was selected by SMU for their Writer’s Seminar in New York. Bridget brainstormed with me about my project without taking it over. For  anyone serious about writing, I strongly recommend her as a mentor/consultant. Every time I put down a word, or edit one, I hear her voice asking me if that word is absolutely necessary! Bridget facilitated the accomplishment of my dreams: to be a writer.”

– Cindi Stock


“When I almost gave up searching for editorial consultants, Bridget was strongly recommended to me by the editor at CARVE magazine. I am glad I did not give up, as I searched for someone who had the dedication to the care and nurturing of beginning writers. Bridget is that person. With her keen insight and analytical skills she is helping me to better my craft. She has a breadth of knowledge within the literary field that is enabling me to shape my short story into a piece that she will ultimately help publish. I can’t recommend her enough.”

– Amy Neeren